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  • Nutritional Therapist NT.Dip MFNTP
  • Advanced Practitioner Trained in Mineral Testing
  • Advanced Practitioner Certificate in DUTCH Hormone testing and analysis
  • Qualified Health Transformation Coach with almost a decade of experience

Peri / Menopause Doesn't

Have to Mean Mayhem!

The journey through perimenopause into menopause can be a rough one for many. For some, it can feel like puberty all over again, whilst, for others, it feels like you have just aged 10 years overnight. And the worst part is that nobody prepares you for it

– not your GP, not sex education in school... and perhaps not even your own mother!

Whether it's unexplained tiredness or fatigue, out-of-the-blue low moods or mood swings, painful headaches or joint pain, or unwanted belly fat or stubborn weight (which won't budge no matter how little you eat or how much exercise you do)...

There must be a better way to embrace this unavoidable midlife journey. [HINT: There is!]

Why Work With Me

Say Hello To Your Best Years Ahead!

The menopause years (anywhere from mid-30s up until 60!) can be a journey of ups and downs for many women and it can sometimes feel like you'll never feel normal again! That’s where I come in. I’m here to support you through this journey so you finally recover your energy, clear the fog, control your mood, lose excess body fat for good, and rid yourself of other niggling symptoms. We do this with the foundations... known as The Essential Pillars of Menopause Health!

You’ll never feel alone again

I’m in this life stage, too! I know what you’re going through. Burnout? Fatigue? A foggy mind and belly fat? – There is a proven method.

One that does not require you to take medications that you don't want to take. One where there are no ridiculous food rules that leave you depressed and starving. One that does not force you to do hours of cardio. No antidepressants. No random supplements (that you have no idea if they actually work). No miserable fad diets that do not work.

A method where you take back control of YOUR health.

Take back control of your energy, body, and life.

It’s time to look at yourself in the mirror again, reflecting your beauty inside and out. You’re in for a total makeover to become yourself again.

To do this, we’ll take a holistic approach that builds on intuitive eating and lifelong changes to your lifestyle, by understanding your symptoms, observing physical manifestations, measuring your levels of stress, and investigating your gut health and your ability to control your blood sugar.

All of this is supported and backed up by functional testing, including the incredibly informative (and foundational) mineral testing.

Why Mineral Test?

Minerals – the ‘spark plugs’ of life – are essential to keep the entire body running efficiently. By analysing mineral status, balance, and ratios, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your physical and emotional body is reacting to hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause.

Mineral testing is the first (and incredibly important) step in my approach, as it gives significant insights into many biological functions. This is part of the reason my success rate with clients is so high - because we go upstream to the root cause of symptoms.

For every client I work 1:1 with, we run a foundational mineral test. For those working with me in my 6-month programme - The ReVitalise Method - we are also able to run further functional tests, if necessary, such as gut health testing, hormone testing and thyroid testing.

These are tests that are not available on the NHS.

Here’s How I Can Help You

It’s time for the RIGHT approach to managing your perimenopause and post-menopause years.

If you’re like most of the time-pressed women I work with, you may feel like you’ve reached. a dead-end. You may have tried HRT, supplements or herbs, restrictive diets or exercising more, but nothing is working anymore (if it ever did) or actually fixing how you are feeling.

My goal is to help you feel like YOURSELF again!


The ReVITALise Method

Recover your energy, achieve sustainable weight, restore hormonal balance and feel like yourself again, inside this 6-month signature coaching programme, designed to make women over 40 feel great again!


Menopause Mineral Magic

Get a better understanding of your body’s natural cellular functions that underly many health issues, plus a personalised 3 month nutrition and lifestyle protocol. Includes The Belly Buster Method course


The Belly Buster Method

A self-paced online course,

focused on transforming fat storage to fat release without restrictive dieting, so you can achieve lasting weight goals without giving up the foods you love. Also helps to boost energy!

What Other Women Say…

Hear Transformational Stories From Empowered Women I Worked With

I had been trying to lose weight for at least 3 years when I first spoke with Vanessa. Nothing was working, even though I was decreasing my calorie intake, giving up sweets and refined carbohydrates, eating a healthy diet, and working out more than ever. I was still gaining rather than losing. Nobody could figure out why I wasn't shedding any pounds, especially in the belly area. I've dropped just over 4 kilos in the 3 months since beginning a programme with Vanessa and learning what was really inhibiting my weight loss. I'm now eating more and exercising less. I feel brighter and lighter and have more energy—something I was really lacking. My sleep has improved greatly too."

Jane C.

“Vanessa helped me make my life happier and healthier. I felt over emotional and coping with menopause so hard to deal with. She helped me gain more control over my thoughts and feelings and relationship with food. With her help I made positive changes and learned to let go of situations that didn’t serve me. I found her knowledge, nutrition support and most importantly her care in working with me to make lifestyle changes invaluable. Vanessa is kind, honest and trustworthy and most importantly an understanding person and loves her work"

Jayne F.

"I have found the course excellent compared to others. I cannot believe how quick it was to learn and understand the plan, which meant great results were easily achievable. I would not have mad such good progress without Vanessa's support and inspiring me to see it as a way of life and not as a diet!"

Jo K.

“Vanessa’s advice was life changing for me. She understands women in their 40s and 50s and the approaches that can keep them healthy when nothing else is working. I would still be living in a fog of exhaustion if not for her. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Susan A.

“I had attended one of Vee's talks and that had me thinking. I bumped into a friend that day too, she had been with Vee a while and it had made such a difference to her, you could see it. On my first appointment I could hardly walk up the stairs, my brain was foggy and my body just didn't want to move. I slept at every opportunity. By the next appointment I had lost my brain fog and had started being awake all day and not nodding off! I just improved at each appointment and lost some pounds as a bonus. I am now considered "active" as opposed to "couch" and last week I hit "very active" on the app I use. I now feel I'm living again. Thank you Vee for helping me to become me again."

Mandy N.

Vee Vital. Vee You.

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