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I’m on a mission to help as many women, over 40, as possible to make transformational changes to their health, vitality, and overall happiness while navigating perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.

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Health Brand Recommendations and Discounts

Taking care of your body and your health can get expensive, so I have connected with some of my favourite brands and companies to get you discounts.


Riverford is the organic fruit and veg company I use. I've tried a few and this is my favourite. They also do dairy, breads, eggs, meats etc. Highly recommend trying them. Click Here to see what they offer, and to get £15 off your first order.


Booyah has a whole range of lovely health drinks including amazing the gut-loving Komucha (great for the immune system and boosting gut flora), dandelion coffee (which is a lovely coffee alternative and cleaned the liver), and turmeric shots (for an immune system boost). Click Here to see their products, and make sure you use the code VANESSA10 to get 10% off.


These guys make the best collagen powders and formulations! I love their Keto Coffee and their plain Marine Collagen.

You can purchase all of their products from the Natural Dispensary and use my 10% discount code VITAL010.

N.B. You’ll need to put my name down (Vanessa O’Brien) as the practitioner when you register, and then the code will work (You can use it for any supplements you like, and they also do lots of other health products too).


I’m often asked about the best protein powders to purchase. I’m not a fan of whey protein, so either go for Planet Paleo bovine or marine collagen (see above) or plant-based protein powders. Once again, you can buy these from Natural Dispensary and use the discount code VITAL010 as long as you put the practitioner name Vanessa O’Brien when you register.

These are some of my protein powder recommendations:

Pulsin Pea Protein (250g or 1kg)- doesn’t taste too strong, and is more heat stable than other proteins making it perfect for adding to hot dishes. It has 80% protein content and is rich in iron and zinc.

Pulsin Faba Bean Protein (250g or 1kg) - this has the highest protein content of plant proteins and is almost in line with that of whey protein.


Pure, organic skincare is extremely important, as what you put on, goes in! I love Tropic skincare and use it myself. There’s unfortunately no discount with Tropic but you can shop via my shop HERE.


These are the purest essential oils you will find anywhere, so pure in fact, that you can ingest many of them!

Click this link and you’ll see two options. You can either click on Shop to purchase just one or two oils, or there is a Join and Save option too, which gives allows you to become a wholesale customer and get discounted products and membership options for ongoing 25% discounts. Both of these can be found at the top of the page. If you need help, drop me a message and I’ll happily assist.

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