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I specialise in helping women over 40 to take back control of their health and (peri) menopause... But, the way I work is DIFFERENT to most menopause practitioners!

You see, most focus on re-balancing hormones. I see and do things differently. Hormones out of whack are the symptom, not the cause. In order to bring hormones back into balance, and rid yourself of niggling and debilitating symptoms, you have to get to the root cause of those symptoms. And that has to start with these four things:

Good Digestive and Detox Health.

Good Nutrition.

Controlled Stress.

And Balanced Minerals.

I love my work and I value the time I spend with my clients. It's important that I am able to give enough time and support to each client and so I have to limit the number of clients I am able to take on each month. In order to do that, I have to make sure you are a good fit to work with me.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute Exploratory Call to understand your current situation and symptoms, your goals and requirements, and to see if you are a good fit to work with me.

I take a functional combined with a naturopathic approach to my work, and I like to work collaboratively with clients, ensuring that the suggestions I make fit with your lifestyle, commitments and capabilities, which is why I incorporate coaching into my sessions. After all, if you don't feel confident to implement my suggestions, you aren't going to get results!

Together we look at diet and nutrition, digestion and detox, lifestyle, mental and emotional health and habits. Plus, for every client, I run a hair mineral test, as this is foundational to optimum health and gives us the best chance of improvement and success. There is also the option to add on further functional testing, including GI (stool test) for gut health, DUTCH hormone testing, full thyroid panels and more. This is decided based on your specific symptoms and requirements and is in agreement with you.

Every part of my work is personalised to the individual - we are all unique beings, after all.

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More About My Programmes

Discover How I Can Help You On Your Journey

The ReVitalise Method

This is my signature 6-month reset programme, created for women in their 40s or 50s who want to experience a complete reset - recover or increase energy, lose weight, balance hormones and feel great!

Seeing lasting results can take time, especially if you have been struggling with chronic or multiple symptoms for a while. We don't get to this state overnight and can't expect to reset overnight either.

A 6-month commitment increases the opportunity for us to get optimum results, and allows time for the body to heal. During our time together we will run an initial HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) test and a retest after 3 to 4 months to gauge improvements and tweak protocols.

This programme includes an educational and interactive course to work through whilst we work together (education and learning are so key to the process), plus group and 1:1 support.

To find out more about this programme, and if it is the right fit for you, schedule a complimentary exploratory call.

Menopause Mineral Magic + The Belly Buster Method

Menopause Mineral Magic is an opportunity for those who are not quite ready to work with me for 6 months, do not feel they need this level of support but would like to run a mineral test to understand their own health status, or who are limited on budget.

This package includes an initial HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) test, plus a full analysis of your food diary, lifestyle and health questionnaire, and of course, test results. [There is the option to upgrade to The ReVitalise Method after the initial consultation, or to run a retest with a follow-up after 12 weeks.]

This package also includes access to the Belly Buster Method - a self-study course to understand and implement blood glucose control - which is required for everyone, but especially beneficial if you are struggling with stubborn weight, belly fat, poor sleep, mood issues or low energy.

To find out more about this package, and to see if it is a good fit for you, schedule a complimentary exploratory call.

The Belly Buster Method

This self-paced online course is perfect for those looking to lose stubborn weight and/or stubborn belly fat, for women over 40. It is also incredibly helpful for those struggling with sleep issues, mood issues, tiredness and general malaise.

This programme can be taken as a stand-alone course or bundled with the Mineral Magic programme (see above for details), for those who want to understand their metabolic function and mineral balance, but want the guidance of a programme alongside.

The Belly Buster Method | 3 Monthly Payments of £79 [Or £197 Pay In Full]

HTMA testing

HTMA stands for Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and relies on a sample of hair (preferably on the scalp) for analysis. Minerals are the spark plugs of the body - without them, nothing would function. They are required for enzyme reactions, PH balance, nutrient transfer, metabolism, energy production, hormonal production and balance... and so much more! They are required in order for the entire body to run efficiently.

HTMA shows us how minerals are deposited in the cells and interstitial spaces of the hair over two to three months. Whilst the results are only representative of the minerals and metals in the hair because hair is a tissue, the information can be inferred for the rest of the body. What's more, the results are representative of an average rate of mineral and heavy metal accumulation in the hair sample over the previous 8-12 weeks, something that no other tests can show us.

We use hair due to mineral levels in the hair being ten times those of the blood. It is also simple, and non-invasive (no need for blood draws, urine or stool samples) and due to hair being a stable biopsy material, it requires no special handling.

HTMA testing delivers cost-effective, accurate and reliable results, when interpreted correctly, and is foundational to good health. I.e. it is not possible to have optimum health without having balanced mineral patterns.

Click the button below to watch a walkthrough of a client's HTMA results, to see the kinds of information we can garner from this fascinating test.

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