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I offer a range of support services to companies, to help support staff through menopause.

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A 2 Hour Seminar which can be delivered in person (dependent on location) or via Zoom. (Duration - 2 hours)

This educational and practical presentation is a great introduction to peri-menopause and menopause, both for those approaching or in this stage of life.

In this seminar, we will cover all aspects of menopause including:

  • What are peri-menopause and menopause, the differences, and why it matters
  • Understanding hormones, pre, during and post menopause
  • The common physical, mental and emotional symptoms and the underlying cause of those symptoms
  • Management and support options including HRT (and how to approach your GP, plus private options), alternatives to HRT, nutrition and lifestyle approaches
  • Useful Resources
  • Time for Questions and Answers


A lighter introductory talk on menopause, delivered via Zoom. (Duration - 1 hour)

Open to everyone including partners and colleagues of those in this life-stage, this is an introductory educational session where we look at what peri-menopause and menopause really mean, discuss the common symptoms, and look at the support options available including HRT, basic nutrition and lifestyle factors to consider.


A series of 4 Weekly or Fortnightly Workshops, delivered in person or via Zoom, dependent on location. (Duration - 4 X 1.5 to 2 Hour Workshops)

The workshop series takes a deeper dive into perimenopause and menopause, providing both an educational and practical offering to staff. Each Workshop will end with time for Q&A.

Workshop 1 - Vital Menopause

Based on the content of the Vital Menopause Seminar, this first workshop looks at the what, when and why of perimenopause and menopause, and introduces participants to symptoms and support options. We will also, together, complete a questionnaire to help each individual determine their own current perimenopause/menopause status. We will also use tools to help determine areas of strength and those areas each individual person might want to focus on.

Workshop 2 - Vital Nutrition

In this second workshop, we will focus on the importance of nutrition to support optimum health at this life stage. After covering basics, each participant will be able to complete an energy and health scorecard to help them identify areas that might require more focus. Participants will leave this session with a much deeper understanding of the importance of nutrients and how their body uses them, plus take away practical tips that they can immediately implement for increased energy, better sleep, and a sharper mind.

Workshop 3 - Vital Lifestyle

The first part of this workshop will highlight the importance of movement. Participants will be educated on the benefits of different forms of exercise, and will have the opportunity to complete their own exercise assessment and plan.

In the second part of the workshop we will look at elimination and detoxification, and why these two areas of health are fundamental to a happy menopause.

Workshop 4 - Vital Rest

In this 4th and final workshop, we focus on the relevance of rejuvenating rest and sleep, and the importance of stress management. We delve into the consequences of poor sleep, and the many causes, plus cover strategies and tips to improve restful dreamtime.

Following this, we look at what stress really means to the body and mind, the typical causes of stress (both physical and emotional), how it manifests, and how it impacts the peri/menopausal body.


A fully supported 8 week group programme, with 1:1 coaching included. [Minimum 5 Participants]

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