Fatigue During Menopause - This Is What Causes It (Part 1)

Most of the women who come to me arrive with a variety of similar symptoms, and almost 100% of the time they include loss of energy or feeling fatigued, to some degree.

So over the following few emails, I'm going to focus on the typical underlying causes of fatigue that I see, from running hair mineral testing with my clients.

And some of them are likely to surprise you...

Running this test gave me my energy and my life back after severe burnout!

I could clearly see what was going on in my body (my adrenals had pretty much given up the ghost and my thyroid function was compromised too), plus I had extreme copper toxicity. But with a targeted approach, using specific changes to my diet, how I exercise, how I rest, and personalised supplements based on the imbalances, I was able to bring my body back to balance.

And ultimately, to feel GOOD again!

When we talk about minerals it isn't just deficiency we are looking at...

It's also about looking at toxicities e.g. heavy metals...
and (incredibly important) balance.

Without mineral balance, all sorts of issues can arise.

And what's strange is, hardly any practitioners in the menopause space are talking about it!

In all honesty, it's the missing piece of the puzzle and has supercharged the results my client's experience.

And it is often eye-opening for women when they realise that their ongoing symptoms like fatigue, low mood, mood swings, brain fog, weight gain, inability to lose weight and insomnia which they had put down to perimenopause or menopause (because everything is down to that, right?) is actually being caused by something else!

Hence why HRT works for some things but not for everything.

So let's dive into unexplained tiredness and fatigue, that just won't shift no matter how little alcohol you drink, how much you rest, how much sleep you get, how healthily you eat, and how much exercise you do (or don't do)...

First off today, I'm going to focus on Copper.

An excess of copper can lead to a host of symptoms including:




Low Moods or Depression

Mood Swings

Monkey chatter / Busy brain


Oestrogen dominance

Iron deficiency

I'd estimate about 80% + of the women I work with have copper toxicity, and sometimes it is what we call 'hidden' copper i.e on the hair test it shows up as low.

But a trained practitioner can see instantly whether the client is truly low in copper or actually has hidden copper toxicity.

And pretty much every woman who has ever taken the contraceptive pill/injection/implant shows up as copper toxic (even if they stopped the pill years earlier). This included me!

Copper affects the thyroid gland, plus is an excitotoxin which means that over time, with constant exposure to copper, it wears down the adrenals. And often, it just takes a stressful situation to tip someone over the edge into an adrenally exhausted stage.

In addition, the adrenals are required to be working well in order to move copper around and out of the body. So it's a bit of a vicious circle!

So where does the copper come from? Well, lots of sources!

As I already mentioned, hormonal birth control pills and injections, patches, HRT and of course, copper IUD. Plus copper cookware, copper water pipes, certain copper-containing fertilisers (so it can be in our food), and many other sources.

Ok, so what do you do about it?

The first step is to establish whether copper toxicity is contributing to your symptoms. If you have any or a few of the symptoms I listed above, it is a very good idea to get tested, to establish your copper status is, and your other minerals, and heavy metal toxicities.

Once we know all of this, and whether copper is an issue, there are a number of steps we can take nutritionally and lifestyle-wise, to help strengthen you up, and get your body in a position to be able to do its job of detoxing that excess copper.


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