Do You Struggle With Weight Or Belly Fat That Won't Budge?

90% of my clients have this issue (along with fatigue, low mood and/or brain fog) and pretty much all of them show up as being 'slow metabolisers' on the hair mineral test!

This means that pretty much everything slows down in the body…

They usually also have a clear issue with blood sugar control (showing up as an imbalance in the calcium and magnesium ratio).

Once we know this vital information, and we know what is happening with the balance of other key minerals like sodium, potassium, phosphorus and copper, we can make dietary/nutrition changes, lifestyle changes, and add in selected supplements where necessary, to bring the body back into balance and finally rev up that metabolism!

Every client I work with is surprised that this is a big piece of the puzzle that has been holding them back for so long.

The fact you've been struggling with weight for so long, but no amount of cutting down on food or exercise helps, means there is something else deeper going on.

You probably already know this, intuitively, but until now you've had no idea what the deeper problem is.

And if you are struggling with other symptoms like fatigue, low mood and brain fog, this is all related to mineral ratios and balance too.

There are two kinds of women - group A - those who struggle with symptoms but do nothing about it, and group B - those who struggle with symptoms and want to learn what they can do to feel better.

If you are in group B, you’ll want to join my next MasterClass - The Little Known Secrets to Recover Your Energy, And Eliminate Belly Fat (and other Common Symptoms) For Women in their 40s or 50s.

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