How Trauma Affected My Perimenopause

Today I want to focus on something that is related to stress but also different...

…and that is TRAUMA.

Trauma has a huge impact on the human body, in fact, I'd go as far as to say it can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds.

Trauma comes in many guises; from being bullied as a child to losing a loved one, and from abuse of any kind to an accident. There are many forms of trauma, and each person’s experience of trauma will be different.

Trauma can get trapped in the body and manifest in many ways including illness. And when it comes to mineral testing, there are seven or more markers which indicate if someone is dealing with trapped trauma.

If I see this on a chart, I will gently ask questions to see if trauma might be an issue, because as well as mineral balancing, it is important that I guide someone to seek help to release that trauma, which I often do.

When someone goes through a traumatic experience or experience, this can start a cycle of fight or flight that we are unable to break free from. This in turn leads to us using huge amounts of sodium potassium and magnesium, amongst other minerals.

Eventually, this leads to these minerals falling to very low levels and can lead to illness or disease such as thyroid disorders, adrenal dysregulation, autoimmune conditions and even fibromyalgia.

In this situation, addressing the mineral imbalances can help to strengthen the body and in turn, help to heal emotional trauma.

From personal and client experience, it is very important to address the physical imbalances when attempting to address trauma from an emotional perspective; the two go hand in hand.

Take me as an example. After the sudden, unexpected and traumatic death of my father, I was in a state of shock and trauma. Add to this an extremely stressful event that lasted 10 months after my father's passing, and by the end of that year, I was on the floor.

I could barely function. I was barely working. I was spending most of my time on the sofa or in my bed. I hid it from everyone including friends and family.

Many of you already know that this is what led me to discover the mineral testing that I am so passionate about today - without it I don't think I would have got better so quickly.

And it did help enormously, and get me back on my feet and functioning.

However, after running the retest of my mineral test a few months later, whilst many minerals, ratios and patterns had improved, there was one mineral that was not budging... Calcium.

There is a pattern associated with trauma on a mineral test and this is known as the Calcium Shell. Now a calcium shell doesn't always mean trauma, but there are some key indicators when it does.

A Calcium shell is determined when the calcium level in the hair test is above a certain level. It is not something we want, it is often linked to issues with the thyroid system and blood glucose control, and the aim is to 'break it up.'

The calcium shell is fascinating; the body basically builds the calcium up as a wall of protection which helps to numb the emotional pain.

I see this on many of my clients' tests, and when I dig further, it often transpires that there has been some trauma in the past.

And if we run a retest and that calcium shell hasn't budged or has even risen as mine had done, despite doing all the right things to break it down, then unreleased trauma has to be looked into.

As was the case with me. I had done so much work on my physical body, but I had avoided dealing with the emotional trauma as I, quite frankly, couldn't bear the idea of facing it.

However, after my second test showed that this calcium shell was going nowhere, I knew that I had to do something about it, so I did, and the calcium shell started to reduce.

There are various modalities for trauma release - including homoeopathy, somatic healing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming), EFT (also known as tapping), Myofascial Release Therapy, and many more.

I tend to refer my clients to a colleague who does an unusual form of trauma healing, which isn’t listed above but involves interrupting the trauma cycle. This is the trauma healing I have done for myself.

When choosing a modality, if you are unfamiliar with them, it is wise to read about each and see which one resonates with you. Each one has benefits but you will innately know which one is the right one for you when you listen to your intuition, your inner knowing.

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