\"I've Heard Magnesium Is The Answer to My Menopause Symptoms\"

If you’ve been struggling with any number of symptoms of perimenopause or menopause, you may well have read, or been told, that Magnesium can improve how you feel.

You may have been told that it helps with:

Low energy
Low moods
Sleep problems
​Brain Fog ...

So is this true?

Well, yes… it is… but it’s not as straightforward as just taking a supplement.

Magnesium is an incredibly important mineral, it has over 600 actions in the body.

And most people are definitely lacking it because (due to over-farming and the use of chemicals) it is so depleted in soil and thus, our food.

Supplementing magnesium is a good idea BUT... Just because you supplement doesn’t mean you are able to utilise it properly.

This is something I see a lot when I run hair mineral testing, where magnesium is lost (and shows up in high levels in the hair).

You have to have the type of magnesium (there are numerous options) and the right co-factors present to use magnesium properly, plus you need to understand what your body is doing with the magnesium (and other minerals) you are taking in.

Gut health also has to be good, so that any magnesium you take in, whether through food or supplements, can actually be absorbed and utilised.

Otherwise, it can turn out to be very expensive pee!

The fact you are reading this, means you are one of those people who want to improve your health, feel better, or learn more about how your body works.

In my regular monthly MasterClass, you will find out much more info on the importance of minerals such as magnesium, and other important factors you need to take into account if you really want to improve your low energy, low mood, brain fog, poor sleep, anxiety and weight gain.

"The Little Known Secrets to Recover Your Energy (and eliminate belly fat and other common symptoms) for Women in their 40s and 50s."

After this MasterClass, you are going to have clear steps to take to feel like your old self again!

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