Why Dieting After 40 Leads To MORE Weight Gain...

👉 Why dieting after 40 leads to MORE weight gain for women... 👈

If you've been on the diet treadmill for years, tried ALL the diets like Weight Watchers, the Cambridge diet, Slim Fast, Slimming World, detox diets, Keto, Fast800...⁣

...or you've been someone who has just cut calories and exercised more to lose weight...⁣

...but you've found that since you headed towards or past the big 4...0, these diets no longer work (if they ever really did)...⁣

you'll perhaps be pleased to hear that there is a BIG reason for this. ⁣

And the reason why the weight won't come off, or if it does, it just bounces straight back on (perhaps with some extra) is...⁣


Each and every time you go on a diet, your metabolism slows a little. ⁣

Do this over and over, and it slows more and more. ⁣

And when you revert back to eating normally again, (because let's face it, none of those diets is sustainable long-term), your metabolism has slowed and those extra calories you're now eating, are stored as fat rather than burned for energy. ⁣

And if those calories are the wrong type of calories, this is exacerbated even more, and that fat is stored around the middle as BELLY FAT! ⁣

Add to this, the fact that so many women who struggle to lose weight after 40, do not have optimum thyroid function (your thyroid system impacts the speed of your metabolism), despite what they may have been told by their GP. ⁣

PLUS they don't have balanced minerals (you CANNOT have a revved-up metabolism if your minerals are out of whack!). ⁣

So, without dieting (which impacts your metabolism), and crazy exercise (which also causes issues), how do you lose weight after 40? ⁣

This is where the phrase Test, Don't Guess comes in. ⁣

I'm not a big one for testing, willy-nilly, and for no reason, but there are some tests that are foundational when it comes to feeling good, having energy, and losing body fat. ⁣

In The ReVitalise Method, we use a select test to see what is actually going on in YOUR body, with your own metabolism speed (yes, we can determine this!), plus your cellular thyroid status, your blood sugar control ability (and a hell of a lot more!). ⁣

All from one simple at-home test that is a hell of a lot cheaper than other functional tests. ⁣

When it comes to the 100s of women I have worked with and helped to lose weight, get their energy back, and feel like themselves again, the majority of them required more than just changes to what they were eating, or how they were exercising (though both of those are super important too!). ⁣

Because, in all honesty, there is usually a history of damage to the metabolism that needs fixing, so that it speeds up again, and food and exercise alone just won't cut it (as many of you are realising for yourselves). ⁣

And when women are in this state of imbalance, it requires a personalised protocol to help restore balance, revs up the metabolism, and get to start losing weight (and keeping it off!).

🐌 Want to know what causes a Snail's-Pace metabolism?

There's nothing more frustrating than losing weight, and then a few days later, stepping on the scales and it has gone up again! ⁣

Or being a weight you are happy with, all of your life until you head into your 40s, and suddenly this weight and belly arrive from seemingly nowhere! ⁣

Or cutting calories and starting to lose weight, but then it grinds to a halt, you can't cut calories more or you'd be starving, so you are left scratching your head and feeling miserable! ⁣

So, what is the cause of this happening? ⁣

The answer lies with your slowing, snail pace metabolism! ⁣

So, why does our metabolism suddenly start to slow down?⁣

There are a few reasons for a metabolism that has gone into a sluggish state... ⁣

1. Firstly it's to do with a survival mechanism. When you cut calories for too long, over a period of time (aka yoyo-dieting), your body adapts, by slowing down to compensate for the loss of calories, and to avoid starvation. See, your body doesn't know you are trying to diet to feel good in your clothes. It has one and only one goal... survival! ⁣

2. Eating too many OR the wrong type of carbs and not enough quality protein and healthy fats. We need protein to maintain muscle tissue (which we lose as we head towards menopause) and to keep blood sugar stable. We need healthy fats for hormone production amongst many other things. And the type of carbs is nearly always a problem (even if you think you are eating the right quantity and right amount). ⁣

3. Doing way too much exercise, especially cardio. If you are trying to exercise your weight off, you are fighting a losing battle. What's more, you are very likely adding to your weight gain, due to raising your stress hormone, cortisol, which is also a 'fat-storing hormone.'⁣

4. Poor sleep. If you're not getting at least 7 hours of good quality sleep on a regular basis, this will affect your hormonal balance and add to your blood sugar dysregulation, which ultimately means altered metabolism and weight gain! ⁣

5. Sub-optimal thyroid function. I can't stress this enough. If you have more than one or two symptoms of a sluggish thyroid (inability to lose weight, tired, cold hands and feet, dry hair, excessive hair loss, lethargy, constipation, morning headaches, mentally sluggish... then you very likely have a thyroid system that is not firing on all cylinders. I don't care what the GP has told you, this is a clear sign that something is up with your thyroid system, and this will inevitably slow down your metabolism!

🧐 The TRUTH I discovered about weight loss over 40!

When I started out as a Nutritional Therapist, I worked with anyone and everyone... men and women of all ages. ⁣

I was working with lots of women who wanted help with weight loss, and I was frustrated! ⁣

Whilst some would achieve great results from focusing on balanced blood sugar, the right ratio of carbs, fats and protein, and getting a balance of nutrients, others weren't getting the same results. ⁣

And it was usually women over 40 who were the ones who struggled the most with weight loss. ⁣

As my work transitioned into working with women over 40, I discovered the real cause of this stubborn weight... a snail-paced metabolism. ⁣

But what became evident was that even with women over 40, there were differences in their ability to lose weight. ⁣

It became clear that everyone's metabolism is different, depending on many factors including the amount of dieting they have done over the years, their current stress levels and the state of their adrenals, and their thyroid system function. ⁣

This is why I developed 'Mineral Magic' - the first stage of The ReVitalise Method Programme, to get women on the path to fixing their metabolism. ⁣

This foundational and quite frankly crucial, stage includes a screening test which gives me essential information so that I can then give my clients a personalised protocol put together just for them, to help rev up their metabolism and rebalance their bodies so that they can start to lose weight, recover their energy, get rid of other restricting symptoms, and feel like THEMSELVES again! ⁣

Take Jill, for example, who lost 8 lbs in just 6 weeks after completing 'Mineral Magic' and following the subsequent protocol, I gave her. ⁣

Or Julie, whose main goal was to get rid of anxiety and regain some energy so she could function properly again, but who discovered she'd lost weight as a nice surprise side effect!⁣

Or Simone, who prefers not to weigh herself (and I agree with her) but has had to buy new trousers as her old ones are now falling down! ⁣

When you truly get to the root cause of your symptoms, and really rev up your metabolism again, not only will you start to need loser clothes, but you will feel a whole lot better too! ⁣

If you have been struggling with stubborn weight (and possibly other symptoms too like tiredness, low moods, sleep issues, and low motivation...) ⁣

...and you have had enough of trying to fix things yourself, but to no avail...⁣

...and you know you could benefit from the help of an experienced professional who specialises in this area of health, and this area alone...⁣

Book an exploratory call today and let's see how we can get your metabolism revved up again! ⁣


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